[Course] Reach Python Freelance Level in 2 Months


This is the world's leading Python Freelancer Course.

It'll teach you the coding and business skills, as well as the mindset required to build your thriving coding business online.

By completing this course, you'll kickstart your own freelancing business and build your high-income skill from the comfort of your own home.

[Course] Reach Python Freelance Level in 2 Months

Lifetime access to the SIX-FIGURE FREELANCER course material (value $699)

10-20 Weeks of Intense Mastery Program

  1. Personal freelancing training plan
  2. Python freelancing overview
  3. 5-Step Python crash course
  4. Start earning money
  5. Create more value
  6. Solving a practical Fiverr gig
  7. Next-level Python skills
  8. Scale your coding business
  9. Q&A

1200 (!) minutes of freelancer video content and 60+ in-depth lessons to crush your competition!

  • Lifetime Finxter premium (value $487)
  • Download certificate (value $99)
  • Unlimited Python puzzles Finxter web app (value $99/Y)
  • Training plan (value $45)
  • Python mastermind group on Discord (value $67)

Computer Science Academy: 1000+ minutes of video content on top!

  • Bonus 1: your first guaranteed freelancing job (earn >$30 back and get your first ratings on Upwork)
  • Bonus 2: free advertising of your freelancing services on our website (yearly value $1,200)
  • Bonus 3: free access to upcoming courses at the Finxter Computer Science Academy (value $399)

Total value: $3,120

This is totally risk-free for you because of our industry-leading 60-days money-back guarantee.

New: Watch 6 successful freelancers solve interesting, real-world freelancing projects on Fiverr and Upwork! It really cannot get easier!

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You'll get

12-Week Freelancing Program
1200 min
Python Puzzles Finxter.com
Academy Courses Certificates
Mastermind Group Discord/Facebook
Finxter Computer Science Academy
1500 min
Your First Upwork Gig
Earn $30 and 5-star Rating

[Course] Reach Python Freelance Level in 2 Months

I want this!