Finxter Premium - Towards Code Mastery 👑

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Sharpen your saw and become a code master with our four-pillar training program: (1) Python puzzles, (2) academy video courses, (3) mastermind community of like-minded coders, and (4) free programming ebooks.

  • Do you want to express your ideas with code and create value, but you don't know how?

  • Do you struggle with understanding code quickly?

  • Are you tired of buying individual programming courses from Udemy - and do you want an all-you-can-learn coding program?

  • Do you seek a community of coders like you that builds stuff and is as positive, enthusiastic, and value-oriented as you?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Finxter Premium Membership is for you! In particular, here are the benefits you'll get as a premium member:

1) Unlimited Python puzzles on the app. Become a Python master & track your Python skills over time.

2) All-you-can-learn on Finxter Computer Science Academy with a 100+ monthly growing library of Python, Blockchain, and Freelancing course lessons.

3) Discord Mastermind Group. Find friends and meet like-minded coders like you. We share our programming successes and failures and help each other reach success.

4) Signup Bonus (value: $89): [eBook Bundle] The Intelligent Coder

  • [Book 1] Coffee Break Python

  • [Book 2] Coffee Break Python Workbook

  • [Book 3] Coffee Break Python Slicing

  • [Book 4] Coffee Break NumPy

  • [Book 5] Brain Games Python

We at Finxter invest all our time, money, and energy into our mission of increasing collective intelligence through code. Come join us!

Here's what other premium members believe:

"Worth every penny" -- Jeff

"I'm really impressed" -- Daniele, Ph.D.

"Your way of explaining things better than my professor's" -- Rochan

The average US-based professional Python programmer makes six figures. Thus, your skills are worth $400 every day when working for 250 days per year.

Are you ready to take action and build yourself a high-value skill starting today?



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Finxter Premium - Towards Code Mastery 👑

10 ratings